Armada Secom – Security & Allied Services Business, offers Security Consultancy & Risk mitigation services which provide our clients with safe and secure environment for their people, property and profits. We do this by using modern security management techniques with integrated security solutions which is a cost effective option. Our consultants’ have vast experience to design a total integrated security solution to meet all requirement or address any particular issue relevant to the assignment. Our key areas of expertise include Security Services, Facility Management and Staffing Solutions.

  Man Guarding Services

ARMADA SECOM Guard is trained to be different. More than just a physical presence, his skill sets, advance training and his 24×7 accessibility to ARMADA SECOM resources render him capable enough of handling any on toward situation. Yet at ordinary times pleasantly unobtrusive. Our trained security officer are cognizant of the extended environment around them and are always confident, polite and helpful.

Each Security Officer during the employment stage undergoes strict screening, recruitment, training and licensing process confirming to mandatory quality requirements laid down by the industry regulating bodies. Further our quality standards ensure strict compliance to globally accepted operational standards and corporate governance processes thereby enabling us to improve and constantly deliver world class services to our customers.

  Security Audit & Consulting

At ARMADA SECOM we assess each customer’s needs individually, comprehensively and partner with them as their trusted security advisor by assessing risk and vulnerability of their unique security requirement.

· We evaluate assets and associated risks, threats and vulnerabilities.
· We assess new and modified risks based on crime trends and intelligence.
· We probe facility functions and threat paradigm.
· We develop safety and security programs, policies, procedures, processes, technology and training –reviewing cost, value considerations and other operational requirements. Furthermore we focus on our clients organization culture, vision and mission for appropriate implementation of any of our recommendation.

Key Services
· Security Reviews & Audit
· Threat & Risk Assessment
· Penetration Testing
· Technical Surveillance & Counter Measures